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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big are the trees when we plant them?
A. 10-16 inches

Q. How long does it take to grow a Christmas tree?
A. 6-8 years depending on the variety of the tree.

Q. Do you really prune each tree every summer?
A. The trees are sheared every year after they are in the ground for 2 years.

Q. Which variety is the easiest to decorate?
A. Scotch Pines have stiffer branching to hold the ornaments easily. White Pines have very soft needles and branching, making it nice for pets and toddlers. Fir Trees have blunt short needles and layers of branching, making it easy to decorate.

Q. What variety of tree will last the longest in my home?
A. Any fresh cut tree with proper care will last the holiday season.

Q.Do flocked trees need to be watered?
A. Flocked trees don't need to be watered, and they come in their own stands.

Q. Is flocking hazardous to my pets?
A. No, flocking is a cellulose product that is non-toxic.

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