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At Red Barn Tree Shop, in addition to our Christmas trees, we have a variety of hardwoods available for landscaping projects. Maple, Oak, Blue Spruce, other Conifers and a variety of ornamental trees from the Red Barn Tree Shop can truly transform your yard into a wonderland all year around. From shade in the summer, to setting the scene for a cozy winter's night, it's difficult to beat well-maintained and placed trees.

Hardwood trees can be planted when the leaves are off and the plant is dormant. Plant when the weather is cooler, either Spring or Fall.

Tree Spade Service available.

We can move hardwoods whose trunk diameter is 2-4". Trees are chosen by appointment and dug by order only.

For information on planting hardwoods and for tree spade service contact Russ at (309) 267-4554.

Christmas Trees care, preparation and selection

Care for a real Christmas Tree

Remember that a Christmas tree is a natural product and one may want to avoid bringing it to the home too early in the season. The following are some excellent tips to give you a fragrant, enjoyable holiday season.

Choose a tree that is locally grown and freshly cut.

Make a 1/2" fresh cut off the base of the tree before putting in the stand.

Always use warm to hot water every time you water, keeping the base of the tree soft and absorbent.

Choose a tree stand with a large basin for water supply; do not allow the water basin to go dry.

Avoid placing the tree in front of a window or heat sources such as fireplaces, heat ducts, or radiators allowing the tree to dry out.

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